Good to Be Alive

Charley is an underworked, uninspired writer, and she’s anxious to be home. Angie is a wide-eyed, impressionable student, desperate for a fresh start as far from home as possible. They may not have much in common, but seven miles above the Atlantic, normal rules don’t apply.

A Nervous Disposition

A science experiment.
A big wedge of cake.
A church.
An unfortunate shaving accident.
Eight stories as quirky and unconventional in their settings and situations as their characters. Romance and erotica with cuddles and sneers in equal measure.



Sheltered and stuck in what looks like a dead-end job at the only dildo factory in town, twenty-one year old Arabella is convinced she doesn’t have much going for her. But just as Arabella feels desperate to get out, she finds that her supervisor, Harper, might provide enough excitement for the two of them.


Tall and blonde, aloof and intimidating, Elsa seems out of Lottie’s league from the start. But to her surprise, for a while it seems that Elsa is as drawn to Lottie as Lottie is to her. Their relationship is brief and intense, but by the time their few weeks together have run their course, Lottie has learned things about herself, mind and body, that she’ll be thinking about for years to come.

On Swimming Naked

Lottie, Rosie, and their enigmatic housemate Rich, are having a party. It’s the end of the year, the end of their studies and, each of them suspects in their own way, the end of their youth. But the day, at least, is young when Lottie drops her clothes on the beach and steps into the water, with only vague ideas of what the coming day and night might hold.

When The Fates Allow

Sofija, an ambitious young musician in London, knows a thing or two about how to have a bad Christmas. But this time around, she’s banished her troubles and figured it all out. For once, she’s sure nothing could get in the way. Nothing at all…


World-weary and newly single, Alex stuck a pin in a map and ended up in Palermo, but the city turns out not to offer everything she needs. But just when hope seems lost, a chance meeting with Rosa, a local waitress with a zest for life, brings about a change in Alex’s fortunes.